Frequently Asked Questions

Is Happy Healthy Thin a low calorie diet?

No, we do not recommend them. We believe low calorie diets are generally ineffective for the purposes of permanent weight loss, and are potentially dangerous. Extreme extended caloric restriction diets can possibly damage your health and metabolism even further. This is not a low calorie diet, but rather a Specific Calorie Allotment program. Remember, healthy change comes not just from what you eat, but rather what your body can utilize, absorb, and metabolize. These are satisfying and tasty real foods that nourish your body and are affordable on any budget. In fact, many of our patients save hundreds of dollars per month on their grocery bill! The Happy Healthy THIN method is personalized and proprietary. We personalize a Calorie Allotment that is specific to each one of our patients.  This proven method taps into your abnormal, stubborn, and unwanted body fat. You will be burning thousands of calories of body fat every day.

Did you know that a 150 lb. male at just 8% body fat has an extra 42,000 calories of stored energy in the form of fat? These are packed around the organs, abdomen, hips, and thighs. Research suggests that when your body is using fat for energy it can up-regulate specific genetic markers coded for increased fat metabolism. In laymen’s terms, it means this can mimic some of the positive adaptations associated with exercise without even exercising! By using our NuQ strategy (eating metabolically active real food in an optimal feeding window) you can avoid the pitfalls of extreme caloric restriction while turning your body into an efficient and consistent fat burner.

But I’m sure I’ll be hungry on another “diet”!

We are not a diet or an exercise program. You do not need us for that. Besides, who wants to eat perfectly and exercise all day long just to feel good about themselves?

Most importantly, our proprietary system is designed to ReAwaken, ReTrain, and ReSet your metabolism. You WILL NOT be hungry on the Happy Healthy THIN program. A healthy metabolism burns body fat and maintains plentiful energy without the need to snack all day, or suffer blood sugar swings that induce ravenous hunger pains. Our breakthrough H2T method will help you burn thousands of calories of pure body fat over the course of five weeks and beyond. You will become a Fat Burner instead of a Sugar Burner. Hunger will diminish, cravings will reduce, and blood sugar will begin to balance. The goal we all share is for you to regain control of your weight by establishing a healthier metabolism, so you never have to diet again.

Is this a diet like the HCG diet?

No. Unlike the HCG diet we do not use hormones or synthetic chemicals of any kind.

There may be similar foods or suggestions but this is common in almost any weight loss approach. What really sets us apart is our customized approach using the Happy Healthy THIN method. Our analysis provides specific information and objective data about you. You as an individual do not gain or lose weight in the same way that anyone else does. One of the many problems with diets is that they use a one-size-fits-all approach. You are unique and we take that very seriously. We will create your blueprint metabolism correction plan to guarantee your success. Our goal is to wake up your sluggish metabolism, retrain it, and then reset it so that you not only lose the weight, but also keep it off.

Unfortunately, with diets like the HCG diet and others, the weight comes off but the Pound Rebound Phenomenon (PRP) kicks in once you stop the diet. PRP is when your body loses weight (usually water, muscle, or vital structural fat) but your metabolism is not corrected. It may even be further damaged. This causes the weight to return and it becomes harder and harder to lose again. It is a vicious and discouraging cycle.

Is it safe?

YES. This program is designed to work safely and naturally with your individual body. Our doctors created Happy Healthy THIN Personalized Weight Loss for patients at all levels of health. These experts are on the forefront in the study of Nutrition, Hormones, Function and Metabolism, and include medical as well as naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and doctors of chiropractic. Your Happy Healthy THIN (H2T) specialist is certified in our method and authorized to guarantee your results. You can be confident and secure in our weight loss process thanks to the amazing support you will receive from your Happy Healthy THIN Certified Clinic.


* We offer a money back guarantee

Do I have to exercise to lose weight on this program?

No. In fact, we advise you to maintain your current level of exercise or stop exercising for the five weeks that you are losing body fat on the weight loss portion of the program. We then encourage you to increase your activity or resume exercising once the new weight set point has been established, and we provide support.

It is always important to remember that certain people are not overweight because they do not exercise. They are overweight because of a weak or sluggish metabolism. Unfortunately for these people, exercising in order to lose weight is a daunting struggle and can be counterproductive. Did you know it takes approximately 3500 calories burned in order to lose just one pound of body fat? That equals roughly 6-8 hours per week on the treadmill, over 60,000 steps, or 30 miles traveled by foot! That is a lot of work for minimal results. On your initial visit to Happy Healthy THIN we will evaluate your current level of lean muscle tissue and determine how to best get your muscles working for you and not against you. The good news is that most patients have plenty of muscle that we can work with in order to get the guaranteed result. There are special circumstances so please ask your Happy Healthy doctor specific questions. However, as a general rule, aggressive or increased exercise while on the program will be counterproductive and unnecessary.

Is this weight loss program affordable?

Absolutely. We understand that affordability creates availability. We want our program to be available to as many people that want our help as possible. At Happy Healthy THIN we have set up systems so you can decide for yourself if it is a good investment of your money and your even more valuable time. We customize your program by obtaining objective data that is unique to you. Because of this customized approach, your care plan will reflect this same precision and attention to detail.

The initial testing and consultation with one of our doctors is extremely cost effective and provides incredible value to the patient experience. Still, at Happy Healthy THIN you are under ZERO obligation to accept our doctor’s recommendation. In fact, you will leave our office better informed about your health and options. We believe that the more information you have, the better decision you can make. Our Whole Body Composition Analysis and doctor consultation (for just $24 when booked online) will provide this information. We offer affordable financial options that will work for any budget. You can then decide at your own discretion how you would like to proceed. NO pressure. NO hard sales tactics. The ball will be in your decision making court. Fair enough?

Is this program really guaranteed?

Yes. Our Happy Healthy THIN method, when applied correctly, will help you lose a minimum of 15 pounds in just 5 weeks. However, many of our patients lose 20, 25, 30, even 35+ pounds over the 35 days. These are typical results and we stand behind this verbal and written guarantee. With that being said, nothing is 100% effective for 100% of people and any company that states otherwise is not being completely honest. Our ability to customize your plan, achieve quick and lasting results, and provide free ongoing support has helped us achieve a very high satisfaction rate. Plus the Happy Healthy THIN method has been utilized by hundreds of patients who have achieved consistent weight loss and are keeping it off. If they can do it, you can too.

Isn’t it dangerous to lose this much weight so quickly?

In some cases weight loss this significant and this fast is potentially dangerous. However, this is only true if the individual is losing muscle, water, and/or structural fat. Unfortunately this is a common phenomenon that takes place with fad diets, pharmaceuticals, extreme exercise, and low calorie processed food consumption. Just losing weight by lowering a number does not always translate into a healthier you. What is most important is the type of weight you are losing. Our program is designed to help your body achieve a near perfect fat burning state. You will be losing abnormal body fat. This is the fat that accumulates around the hips, thighs, midsection, viscera, and everywhere else you do not want or need it. It is all too common to see people lose pounds with other programs but never tap into these stubborn areas. You end up weighing less but actually looking or feeling worse, and you will be at a higher risk of gaining this weight back. One of the fastest ways to turn your health around is by shedding abnormal body fat as quickly as possible.