the story behind

Happy Healthy Thin

Happy Healthy THIN Core Values

Excellence: we pursue excellence in our process, patient care and business operations.


Trust: we create trust with our customer through open and honest communication.


Commitment: we will do what we said we would do even if it costs us time, money or resources.


Relationships: we focus on relationships as our highest value and one that takes precedence over mere financial gain.


Service: we are committed to delivering a “wow” experience every single time, whether it is your first visit or your last.


Progressive: we persistently focus on constant improvement to our product and patient satisfaction.


Passion: we operate a business because of the burning desire to improve the lives of others.

Our Why

At Happy Healthy THIN, we believe your health is your greatest asset and most valuable possession. Many people sadly live their life far below the health and abundance threshold, because of poor self-image as a result of their weight, chronic illness, and other preventable health conditions. We exist to create real change that will directly translate into happier and healthier people.

Who is Happy Healthy THIN?

We are a personalized weight loss program focused on finding the causes associated with metabolic insufficiency. Our proprietary THIN method (Testing/Technology; Hormonal Balancing; Internal Cleansing; Nutritional Intelligence) looks at biological markers associated with metabolism and offers natural solutions to improve your metabolic performance. We are an onsite, H2T Certified clinic and offer a Total Satisfaction Guarantee.